Anti-Aging Treatments

Lunch Time Peels: reduce fine lines, hyperpigmentation and light sun damage. Helps stimulate the collagen and cell renewal

Jessner Chemical Peels: A deeper peel for more problematic skin (acne, hypermentation, sun damage)

Microdermabrasion: non-surgical procedure lasting 1 to 1 1/2 hour and with no down time.

Facial Treatments: Each hands-on 60-minute facial includes an enzyme exfoliating mask accompanied with steam, extractions, a massage to the face neck and shoulders, a moisturizing thermal hand treatment and a treatment mask customized to address your individual skin care needs. 

Massage & Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy consists of incorporating essential oils into the massage as a way to create therapeutic, life-enhancing benefits. Using DoTerra oils (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) helps bring the body into balance by reducing stress, elevating your immune system, as well as, enjoying a whole-body wellness experience
Massage: On our lighter side, we offer a 60-minute Swedish massage to help increase relaxation and decrease anxiety. A perfect combination to good health!
We also offer Deep Tissue Massages for individuals that need realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. This service is ideal for those who are suffering from stiff neck, sore shoulders, and lower back tightness
Reflexology: There are reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to glands, organs, and parts of the body. Working on these reflex areas can help many health problems naturally.

Eyebrow Threading & Lamination

Threading/ Shaping/ Lamination/ Eyelash Extension